Log Homes, Handcrafted by
Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc.

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Six Videos/Segments on homes and techniques use by 
Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc.

Margi Castiglione talks about her Moose Mountain Log Home 5500 sq ft.

Rob Young talks about his Moose Mountain Log Home 3500 sq ft.

Lloyd Beckedorf and Linda Bourdage talk about another Moose Mountain Log Home 5000 sq ft

Kestrel Ridge Farm Ltd. talk about their Moose Mountain Log Home 15000 sq ft


An informative segment interviewing a client of Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. and Lloyd Beckedorf, aired on HGTV, 5 minutes 

An amusing segment that was aired on It's a Living, Staring Peter Jordan & Lloyd Beckedorf,
3 minutes

Video explaining the finer details of our joinery and techniques. It is from 1991 and still holds true today, 8 minutes