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Thank you for taking the time to research Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. Our web site has been our only brochure since 1997. The log home plans that we have built from are the property of the individual owners, designers or architects which we hope you will understand can not be sent out. The intent of this survey is to help us in answering your more in-depth questions and hopefully save you valuable time. Please try to answer all questions. We sincerely thank you for your interest and time.
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10. Of the other Log Homes companies, are there any you feel offer comparable quality to Moose Mountain and if so who?, why?
11. Where did you first learn or hear about Moose Mountain? (What log magazine or search engine do you prefer. If by web, what key words did you use?)

12. When do you plan to begin construction?
13. Do you already own the land on which you intend to build?
14. If yes, where is it located? (If no, where would you like to build?)
15. What size structure do you plan to build ?
(Please do not include basement, but do include a loft or upper floor if applicable.)

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Please understand, without your response to the Questions 15 & 16, we are sorry, but it will be difficult to know how to respond to you.

16. What building budget do you have in mind (not including land)? IMPORTANT - Please click here for the latest information on today's log home costs.
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Please indicate which of the following your budget is based on:
Finished Log Home - ready to move into.
Log work components only, delivered and set up by the Moose Mountain log crafters. (Note: the second category does not include foundation/basement, lumber, floors, roofs, doors, windows etc., only log work components delivered and set up on your site.)
17. Do you have a building design or plan in mind?
18. If not, would you like us to assist you?
19. What are your preferences for log species and size? Why? 
20. What other information would you like us to know? (Such as, special conditions at your site, weather, what will your structure be used for, etc.)
21. When did you first see this Web page?
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