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Thank you for taking the time to research Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc.


Our web site has been our only brochure since 1997. The log home plans that we have built from were specifically created for the individual owners by designers or architects which we hope you will understand can not simply be sent out. There are however many homes in our Photo Gallery that have a basic design sketch (usually with a link at the bottom of the first page of photos) that may help you to put ideas together.
The intent of the questions below is to help you and Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. get a better idea of what to consider in your goal of building a exceptionally crafted log home and hopefully save you valuable time. We sincerely thank you for your interest and time. Here are the questions that the answers to, will help us to give you the very best information and direction:

1) What was it that drew your attention to Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. and how long have you been researching log homes?

2) When are you hoping to build or, when are you hoping to be ready to move in your new log home?

3) Do you already have land to build on or, do you know where you want to build?

4) What style of log home  and what size of log home are you thinking about? (Our Photo Gallery may help to give you some ideas)

5) Have you seen a design that is close to what you want or do you want us to help you in designing your ideal log home?

6) Do you have a budget in mind, is it for the entire home or just the log shell?

7) Based on where you want to build would you like us to help you choose the species of log that is most ideally suited to your environment to provide the best performance?

8) Are there some other questions that you would like answers to?

If when you call you have an idea of answers to these questions it will greatly help you when we talk. We look forward to hearing from you!



Please give us a call at 403-932-3992 or our toll free number is 1-877-932-3992