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Maintenance and Staining

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 Well-built log homes should be around for centuries and if examples in the Scandinavian countries could be used as a guide, a thousand years is not an unreasonable expectation. Hundreds of years ago there was very limited access to preservatives or protective stains yet many of these buildings are still in use today! Preventing regular contact with moisture and UV starts with the design. Good roof overhangs is of the foremost importance. Next is protection from moisture and grit being blown by strong winds against logs even with good roof overhangs. If you are going to build on a bluff is it possible to plant trees or create other forms of landscaping design to significantly reduce the wind conditions? Does your design prevent snow drifting or rain splash from hitting the logs? Keeping your logs above grade is very important.
 When you have done your best to address those points then staining insures the natural beauty of your home will last for many lifetimes. With over 35 years in business we have seen what works and what doesn’t live up to the claims. We most often use Sikkens stains, which have their roots going back over 400 years; they have had more time to develop a long term answer than likely all of the other stain company’s products combined. They are one of the only companies able to offer an oil based stain that meets the latest in reduced VOC (volatile organic compounds) requirements. Our experience to date is that nothing stands up better in the long run than oil based stains. Still there are other good quality stains we have used and we are open to using other products. While your log home might physically last for centuries, the appearance will need occasional up keep. On most of the homes we build we apply the first coats of protective stain on the home's exterior. We are now equipped to provide the exterior maintenance to the homes we have built and we also offer our experience and expertise for all log and wooden homes in a large radius from our construction facilities. Having a member of our experienced log builders involved in your stain maintenance has some very important secondary benefits, if we see any other issues that need attention while we are handling your log home's stain requirements, we will inform you and give you recommendations from our decades of log building knowledge!  
 We have the experienced team plus mobile man lifts and specialized equipment to be very efficient and to provide exceptional value along with the access to virtually everything your log or wooden home needs.

 Since 2013 through to 2016 by mid July our summer was fully booked for being able to stain log homes. If you are planning on staining your wooden exterior home in 2017 please contact us as early as possible to get a quote and a time commitment from us to provide the best in care and quality finish for your home.