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        Log Construction History 
and Our Approach

The craft of log construction originating likely in eastern Europe then advancing in the Scandinavian countries dates back somewhere around 5500 years prior to today's instant mass-produced conventional housing.

Throughout history, those builders who did strive to improve on the contemporary standards of their day and succeeded, became the true learned craftsmen of log builders. Their achievements then became the new standards of excellence.

Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. has made significant, perhaps even drastic improvements on the Scandinavian Full Scribe techniques, commonly referred to as the Swedish or Scandinavian Cope, and we would like to have the opportunity to prove it, beyond any doubt, to you. These improvements are so advanced they justified our patenting them throughout North America and the results are so superior we can warrant our patented log joinery to remain air and weather tight, without the need to chink or caulk ever.

If in your search for your home's log crafter, you insist on viewing homes lived in for a minimum of three and preferably closer to five years, you will be able to develop an accurate comparison of log building techniques. The visual comparison of log joinery precision with the absence of caulking or chinking together in discussions with those owners, of their home's year round comfort and their builder's service, will provide a clearer picture of what is true quality and value far better than any glossy 4-color brochure.

 exmvpwith snow SMALL.bmp (1144072 bytes)At Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc., we know that your findings will undoubtedly match those of our previous clients who painstakingly have put Moose Mountain to the test against all other log home manufacturers. However, joinery alone won't create a timeless work of art, you need superior quality logs and a sculptor's vision to take a two-dimensional drawing and be able to craft that into a setting that people dream of calling home.

As President of Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. since 1978, I personally select, deep in the tall, extremely slow growing North Western Canadian Boreal Forests, forests that are in the climax of their life's cycle, the exceptional quality logs, the sentinels of the forest we need to create the very best log homes. This too, greatly differs from the majority of our competition. While, undoubtedly, fast grown young timber is much easier to work with, the older, much more massive, harder to find slower grown, tight grained logs produce vastly superior results, which true craftsmen including furniture makers have long understood. It has taken us almost three decades to develop a long term access to this quality of log that no other builders have been able to access with any consistancy.

When you are ready to begin transforming your dream of a log home into reality, we have the experienced draftsman/designer or architect to help you develop your expectations to the requirements of any building code, and we are the craftsmen who can carve the best of what the forests offer, into a meticulously sculptured, one of a kind, work of art that will be treasured for generations to come.

I guarantee that in your search for the best value for your investment, you will not be able to find a better or even comparably built log home than what Moose Mountain Log Homes is offering.

Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc.
Lloyd Beckedorf