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How Much Should I/We Budget for a New Log Home?

The information below is intended to help you determine if the
highest quality of handcrafted Log Home is right for you.

To be able to give an exact price, working drawings need to be finalized to almost every detail. The final cost on a home is as uniquely individual as the plan created for that structure, and one also needs to consider its location and local costs. The costs below do not normally include land related costs such as the price of the land, water well, septic, the cost of bringing the services to the home, driveways and/or landscaping. Except for land, most of these costs do not need to be a major expense but could be significant depending on the specific circumstances of your site.

If we look at previously built quality log homes, a price per square foot may be generalized. No doubt if you have read the technical aspects of our approach to construction, you now know that Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. is unequalled in quality. As well we are the only log home company that has patented joinery that is guaranteed by warranty, to remain air and weather-tight. The people who build with us tend to have the same commitment to quality when they choose the other features and finishes that make up the rest of their log home. The numbers below lean towards a standard of finish in the calibre of granite counter tops, slate or hardwood floors, natural rock fireplaces very high quality doors and windows along with radiant heating etc. similar to what you would find in the finest handcrafted log homes featured in a log home magazine.

Today people are spending a minimum of $275 to $325 per square foot to the stage that they are ready to move into their new home. A large percentage, perhaps 60% of our clients, exceed $350.00 per square foot, especially when building towards the smaller end of home square foot ranges. Please keep in mind the reason that smaller homes tend to cost more per square foot is that you are packing in more per square foot. For homes larger than approximately 4000 square feet this rule of thumb is not always accurate due to the situation that large floor space areas in great/living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms etc. normally cost less per square foot. These areas tend to make up a larger percentage of the total square footage in larger homes. However many of these larger homes tend to have more costly materials used in finishing their homes to the highest of standards found anywhere. It is our recommendation though, that until you have accurate pricing off final working drawings that you budget for the previously mentioned minimum $275 to $325  per square foot even for the larger homes. Size can be calculated by adding the main floor area to the usable loft area and multiplying that to the above numbers. Bungalow designs, especially with an open beam roof system tend to be more expensive than the allowances above because of the higher ratio of foundation and roof area to the per square foot of living area (stacked floors share some of the foundation / basement and roof areas). While some designs are possible in some areas for a little less than $250 per square foot, generally speaking a budget less than $300.00 per square foot requires an amount of owner sweat equity or a simpler than our standard owner level of finish would need to usually play into the picture. For the developed floor area in a walk out basement, one may want to allow an additional minimum $75 plus per square foot for the area being developed. Garages built of full log tend to run starting in the $150 range per square foot depending if they are attached, independent or if they have a developed loft or if conventional "2X4" trusses are used. A log garage maybe compared to the cost of a log home at the "lock up", "dried in", or "weather tight" stage depending on the terminology of who you talk with. Of the completed home budget number of a minimum $275 to $325 per square foot in North America, generally you can expect about 1/3 to go to log associated costs such as log work including log walls in pine, log roof and second floor systems, log stairs, log railings, log deck work, delivery, the complete assembly labour and crane costs etc. (With today's' cost of Cedar you should initially allow for an additional 25% to 35% of the log work budget.) Of your total budget, more than 1/3 should be set aside for finishing, fixtures and special feature costs. The balance should be able to cover excavation, foundation, subfloor, roof, doors and windows. If there is one cost category area that fluctuates the most it would be the finishing budget. The majority of our extremely well appointed homes have had a finishing budget around $100 to $175 per square foot, in today's values, but we have also built for those who are less budget minded, with very specific finishing details in mind who have spent upwards of $250 per square foot on finishing alone. This allows for those incredible floor, ceiling and other finishes, comfort specialties and characteristics that make our homes virtually impossible to duplicate. A log home, in my mind, should be a very personal undertaking and when done with care and pride should be an expression of your personality and lifestyle. Consider that it probably will end up being more difficult to part with than any other type of home you have ever lived in so far!

We would rather inform potential clients of what other past clients have actually spent on their log homes than take the "salesman's" approach by saying "sure, you can build your dream home for as little as $150 - $200 per square foot" and then have our new home owners find that almost everything they felt was important to the atmosphere of their home is an extra. In log construction, possibly more than in most other things you get what you pay for, or perhaps more accurately, you don't get what you don't pay for so, it is very important to thoroughly research all your options. We, the craftsmen and principals of Moose Mountain, have built an excellent reputation and most often friendship with the people we have built for and we do not believe that would have been possible if we had not demonstrated honest information and the very best quality and value for their investment.

Lloyd Beckedorf

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