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Lloyd Beckedorf is a past President and has been a director of the International Log Builders Association (formerly the Canadian/American) or special committee member for much of the past three decades and a former director of the B. Allan Mackie School of Log Building. He has a sincere interest in the constant upgrading of the very high standards associated with hand-built log homes and would be happy to answer any questions about the methods that he has outlined.
                                        Edited and Reprinted from 
                                Up Close and Personal
                  Log Home Design Ideas
June / July 1997 Issue

Lloyd Beckedorf, president of Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. began working in the log home industry in 1977. By 1978 he founded Moose Mountain Log Homes and has had an unwavering devotion to handcrafted log homes ever since.

In 1979 he joined what was then called The Canadian Log Builders' Association and is the longest continuous attending and active member of the now named International Log Builders' Association.

Having always shared his achievements and advancements with, and scrutinized those of his colleagues in the industry, allows Lloyd a much broader understanding of handcrafted log construction than the average builder. Noticing the shortcomings in some areas of the performance of conventional log construction helped direct him in the development of some significant improvements to fully scribed log homes.

In the very early 1980s Beckedorf developed a series of complementary Shrink-Fit saddle style notches, which are still the only notches created that can benefit from both shrinkage and compression. In 1985 Lloyd developed and later patented the Double Scribed Lateral Groove, the only full scribed groove capable of being warranted against air and weather leakage. 

Lloyd has represented the International Log Builders’ Association's interests as a chairman for the Canadian Standards Associations’ (CSA) Development of Log Building Standards. The end purpose is to create a usable and enforceable building code for log homes in Canada which more than likely would be adopted in the U.S. and other countries.

Lloyd attributes the steady international and domestic growth and continuous success of Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. to being the only handcrafter to provide a Patented and Guaranteed to be Air and Weather Tight Joinery with a no-time limit after-sale service approach and some of the most creative and artistic uses of some of the largest natural fully-scribed logs in the industry.

Lloyd as Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. has shipped handcrafted log homes and commercial developments to the Orient, Europe and to almost every region of the United States and across most of Canada. Clients of Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. include former United States Presidential contender Mitt Romney, a former member of the US House of Representatives, Frank Serafini as well as local politicians and famous hockey players, plus some of the most influential business men in all the areas Moose Mountain has shipped to. Commercial projects include the Cequel Energy Lodge at the Calgary Zoo, the Moraine Lake Lodge near Lake Louise as well as numerous unique business orientated projects in many regions.

Today, you can find Lloyd and his wife Linda Bourdage operating hands-on, with a crew of dedicated craftsmen, the same Moose Mountain Log Homes that began as a one-man operation in 1978.

Up Close & Personal
Log Home Design Ideas
June / July of 1997 Issue