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The Different Types of Log Home Construction

Their are many different types of log home construction and you need to choose the look and budget that best suits you.

The main different types of log construction are:

Manufactured - Meaning the logs are mechanically shaped usually into uniform dimensions. This may be filleted or "insulated" logs generally meaning variations of "log shaped siding". Manufactured logs may also be milled round or rectangular in profile with endless variations.

Handcrafted - Meaning the natural characteristics of the logs are carefully preserved to show off their individuality and the joinery of the logs is done by hand held tools. 3 types of handcrafted log construction normally exist:

#1 - Chinked -
Where the logs are left fully round with notched corners and today synthetic flexible chinking is used to seal and fill the variations between the logs  This look is characterized as having a white or other colored horizontal stripe between the natural logs.
#2 - Hand-hewn - where traditionally the sides of the log were flattened inside and out combined with lap or dovetail notched corners and chinking used to seal and fill the variations between the logs.
#3 - Fully scribed - Often termed Swedish Coped, Scandinavian Scribed or Double Scribed. When PROPERLY(!!!) done will never require visible synthetic chinking to create an air and weather barrier, only "Furniture" quality joinery is exposed for viewing. Hand-scribed and fully custom fitted the full length of the log with notched fitted corners. This look is characterized as having a flowing log on log look where only logs and joinery are visible.

Generally speaking, in the same order the above styles of log homes are listed is the same order you will find them arranged in price from least to most expensive. The order above also indicates whether the logs are produced more in an assembly line format or an individually crafted format. The more assembly line the orientation, the more the owner needs to conform their desires to a generic approach, the more the crafted format, the more the builder is able to react to your specific concerns, your climactic influences and the builder may be able to offer unique alternatives based on the level of experience of the builder.

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