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We do know that the people, the families from all walks of life, who choose Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. to be their home’s log builder do so because of their thorough and comparative research, they discovered that outstanding value goes far beyond the price paid, it needs to include the very best in long term energy performance with quality materials and workmanship. Moose Mountain Log Homes Inc. is unique in the industry in having developed a superior variation of full scribe joinery (often called Scandinavian or Swedish full scribe joinery) and later patenting this system. Since 1985 when Moose Mountain first developed and began using this specialized log joinery we have backed our system with an air and weather tight warranty where we have not had our first air or weather leak with this extremely unique patented joinery! This is monumental in the log home industry; it goes beyond all claims of quality made from any competitors by backing it in writing in our contract and our perfect track record of our joinery’s performance! The joinery’s uniqueness is in how, by keeping the joinery so much tighter visually and yet at the same time allowing for an internal and not visual sealing method that is virtually flawless! This is true chinking free joinery at its finest!
 However, it is so much more than just the joinery by itself that sets Moose Mountain apart; it includes our recommendation for your choice of building log species best suited to your home's local climate. Then we personally pick each and every one of our premium massive logs, standing in the forest, then again after felling and another time just before use for specific characteristics to where it will spend an eternity in the most artistically pleasing location in the home that we will handcraft for you. You can count on forty years of log home experience going into every aspect of your log home that you design and build with us. We know from experience, that our log home’s performance will exceed the best examples of any other log or conventional home construction today.
 Another thing we think you will find very attuned to quality is that one of the company’s principals is still today the very same one who started Moose Mountain Log Homes in the 1970s. This means you are not talking to sales men and women instead you speak directly with the most experienced log home builder not only in this company but also one of the most experienced individuals in the handcrafted log home industry. Choosing to remain a smaller company means we do make your project the highest priority, certainly much more so than would be possible with larger companies. Moose Mountain knows that it is impossible to claim to be providing a quality product unless the same craftsmen that originally built your structure do the reassembly on your site. Supplying a supervisor for the reassembly is just not the same! When you learn how we build, plus the extra effort we consider standard you will also learn why it is that we provide the highest quality and value for your log home builder choice.
 Let our family of craftsmen be your choice for turning your family's dream into a very long lasting, incredibly well performing and unique work of art of exceptionally good value. To help take your dream one step closer to reality why not check out our
Photo Gallery and/or speak directly with Lloyd Beckedorf toll free at:01-877-932-3992. Our email address is info@moosemountain.com, we look forward to the possibility of working together with you and handcrafting your unique dream.